Fünf Fragezeichen mit Brutus zum Album "Burst"

Brutus haben gerade mit „Burst“ ihr Debütalbum veröffentlicht. Darauf machen sie den waghalsigen Brückenschlag von Punk über Hardcore und Metal bis Postrock – und das als Trio mit der singenden Schlagzeugerin Stefanie Mannaerts. Ihr auf Hassle Records erschienenes Debüt ordnen die Belgier hier selbst ein.

Interview mit Brutus

GETADDICTED: Give us three keywords to describe your album!
Brutus: Stefanie – Stijn – Peter
GETADDICTED: Each recording is usually “the best we’ve ever recorded”. Tell us why these songs are better than everything you did before and better than the rest of the world!
Brutus: Haha, we’re not so sure this is the best we ever did before! And no, it’s definitely not better then all the rest in the world – not at all! But yes, we are really happy with how the album turned out! We think we nailed the sound pretty well. You can talk about positives and negatives with individual songs, in a subjective and personal way of course. But we are happy with the overall sound, for sure!
GETADDICTED: There can be only one! Which songs is your favourite on the new album?
For Peter and Stijn – All Along is one of the favourite tracks. Because it’s the classic Brutus-song, everything is in there!
For Peter and Stefanie – Maybe it’s Not Caring. Because we’re happy with how this turned out with only 3 instruments. It has a post-rock vibe, but the vocals are killing that vibe.
For Stijn and Stefanie – Baby Seal is a favourite song. Stijn loves the fast-forward simple approach of a 3-minute song, and Stefanie loves the lyrics!

Between Fleetwood Mac and NOFX

GETADDICTED: Describe (in three sentences) why you chose this album title!
Brutus: It’s the perfect word for how this album feels to us. And, it’s the only thing on the entire album (songs, artwork, sequence, …) that we instantly all agreed on when we first heard it!
GETADDICTED: Between which records would your album appear in your CD/LP-Rack?
Brutus: Between ‘Rumours’ from Fleetwood Mac and ‘So Long And Thanks for the Shoes’ from NOFX! We don’t sort our racks!
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