Fünf Fragezeichen mit Great Collapse

Mit „Neither Washington Nor Moscow … Again“ veröffentlichten Great Collapse ihr neues Album. Great Collapse – nie gehört? Das sollten alle ändern, die sich gerne mal politischen Punkrock und Hardcore von der Straße gönnen. Denn hinter der Band der Band verbergen sich Sänger Thomas Barnett von Strike Anywhere, Gitarrist Chris Chasse (Ex-Rise Against/Nations Afire), Gitarrist Tom Arnott (At Risk), Bassist Joe Saucedo (Set Your Goals) und Schlagzeuger Todd Hennig (Nations Afire/Ex-Death By Stereo). Und genau dahin geht die Reise auch musikalisch.
Todd Hennig hat zum neuen Album unsere Fünf Fragezeichen beantwortet.

Interview zu „Neither Washington Nor Moscow … Again“

GETADDICTED: Give us three keywords to describe your album!
Todd Hennig (Great Collapse): Honest, Purposeful, Melodic
GETADDICTED: Each recording is usually “the best we’ve ever recorded”. Tell us why these songs are better than everything you did before and better than the rest of the world!
Todd Hennig (Great Collapse): These songs are just different. This batch of songs was written in more of a disjointed (non-traditional) way as the band is now a bit geographically challenged. One half lives in Portland, OR and one half in the Bay area (SF) We wrote from the heart, didn’t overthink every single detail and moved quickly on it. We let the structures wander a bit more than the first record, which was a great experience and challenging exercise. We wanted the record to directly reflect the current climate in the US and our feelings towards it in a more raw fashion.
GETADDICTED: There can be only one! Which songs is your favourite on the new album? 
Todd Hennig (Great Collapse): My personal favorite song is probably Meltdown! It just really came to life after Thomas unleashed is vocal parts and gang vocals were added. I think it maintains a lot of energy throughout and features a nice juxtaposition between heavy and melodic.
GETADDICTED: Describe (in three sentences) why you chose this album title!
Todd Hennig (Great Collapse): I must defer this to Thomas’s response as he ultimately named the record: „I wanted to emphasize the idea that these are the current centers of power and influence -each manifest a sphere off illusion over the world that keeps the people afraid and suspicious, and feeling that the ‘others’ are operating against their values, a threat. This is the mentality of the Cold War but written now using politics and economics in various ways that transcend the old model. The idea is that we don’t have to choose any of these Global Powers to define our futures, or our identities.”
GETADDICTED: Between which records would your album appear in your CD/LP-Rack?
Todd Hennig (Great Collapse): I would say older Bad Religion and any Propagandhi. Maybe Bad Brains sitting on top of the stack.

Great Collapse auf Tour

26.01.2018 DE Wermelskirchen – Ajz Bahndamm Wermelskirchen*
27.01.2018 DE Braunschweig – B58 – Braunschweigs behänder Live-Club!*
28.01.2018 DE Zwiesel – Jugendcafe Zwiesel*
29.01.2018 DE Leipzig – Conne Island*
31.01.2018 DE Berlin – Badehaus Berlin*
01.01.2018 DE Hamburg – Knust Hamburg#
02.02.2018 DE Cologne – Palladium Köln (Family First Festival)+
03.02.2018 DE Neunkirchen – Stummsche Reithalle*
04.02.2018 BE Mechelen – De Club
05.02.2018 UK London – New Cross Inn
06.02.2018 UK Bristol – Exchange
07.02.2018 UK Brighton – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
08.02.2018 FR Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire
09.02.2018 DE Lindau – Club Vaudeville
10.02.2018 AT Linz – Kultur Gasthaus Auerhahn Linz
11.02.2018 SI Ljubljana – Gala Hala
12.02.2018 AT Wiener Neustadt – Jugend- und Kulturhaus TRIEBWERK
13.02.2018 CZ Prague – Eternia Smichov
14.02.2018 DE Koblenz – Circus Maximus
15.02.2018 DE Hannover – MusikZentrum Hannover%
16.02.2018 DE Hamburg – Logo Hamburg%
17.02.2018 DE Essen – Zeche Carl%
* w/ Shoreline
# w/ Dave Hause
+ w/ Boysetsfire
% w/ Rogers
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Great Collapse – Southern Exorcism