Fünf Fragezeichen mit New Deadline

New Deadline veröffentlichen am 23. März ihr Album „To Hope“ auf Redfield Records. „Mit dem Album möchten wir unsere Gläser auf die Hoffnung erheben. Es gibt viele Sorgen und Unsicherheit in der Welt, deswegen möchten wir die Leute zu Hoffnung und einer positiven Einstellung inspirieren“ – so beschreibt Sänger Jona Aaltio die Haltung der Band aus Lahti zur neuen Platte. Und das zieht sich auch durch die Fünf Fragezeichen.

 Interview mit New Deadline

GETADDICTED: Give us three keywords to describe your album!
New Deadline: Hope, Positivity, Energy
GETADDICTED: Each recording is usually “the best we’ve ever recorded”. Tell us why these songs are better than everything you did before and better than the rest of the world!
New Deadline: This is the most honest music New Deadline has ever made. We wanted to inspire hope and positivity and it definitely comes through on the album. We are very proud of that.
GETADDICTED: There can be only one! Which songs is your favourite on the new album? Give us a short impression of the moment/day/week/year when you wrote the song or developed the idea of that special song!
New Deadline: To Hope. It’s the album’s title track and we sort of stumbled upon it in a songwriting session we had. We had been looking for a catch phrase for the whole album and suddenly one of us just said: „What if the lyrics were: ‚Raise your glass to hope!'“ That steered the whole album into a more positive direction.
GETADDICTED: Describe (in three sentences) why you chose this album title!
New Deadline: „To hope“ can mean you are hoping for something or it can be a salute, a cheer for hope. It makes perfect sense when saying cheers with some beers!
GETADDICTED: Between which records would your album appear in your CD/LP-Rack?
New Deadline: Between The Menzingers‘ and Black Foxxes‘ latest albums.
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New Deadline – Black Tree