Fünf Fragezeichen mit Templeton Pek zu "Watching The World Come Undone"

Templeton Pek haben mit „Watching The World Come Undone“ ein neues Album fertig. Erscheinen wird es am 23. Februar 2018 bei Drakkar Records. Sänger Neal Mitchell hat sich schonmal unsere Fünf Fragezeichen vorgenommen.

Interview mit Neal Mitchell // Templeton Pek

GETADDICTED: Give us three keywords to describe your album!
Neal Mitchell: Strong, Melodic, landmark.
GETADDICTED: Each recording is usually “the best we’ve ever recorded”. Tell us why these songs are better than everything you did before and better than the rest of the world!
Neal Mitchell: Well this is our 5th album now, so what we have on this is us at the point in our craft where we are writing better, performing better and better focused. We have ten years of live touring also under our belts so that definately helps. But honestly its all about the strength of the songs and they are just stronger. Having producer Davey Warsop work with us was great as not only is he a great producer, he is also a singer and has his own band, and a friend we have known a long time which made the collaboration easier and efficient especially when trying new things or re-writing parts, we new he knew what he was doing. For me it was great having a singer as a producer as it made me sing better too.
GETADDICTED: There can be only one! Which songs is your favourite on the new album? 
Neal Mitchell: That is hard and we did that intentionally. We decided to have only 10 songs, but have them all be potential singles. OK I’ll go out on a limb and say „The Awakening“. It’s 3 minutes long and has a big anthemic chorus. It was early in the writing sessions and it’s the only song that didn’t change that much from the original version. It’s about waking up to what’s around you, from political landscape to a personal. You can go deep into the meanings or just singalong as its a fun song that’s what I like.
GETADDICTED: Describe why you chose this album title!
Neal Mitchell: The title of the album came from the song „The Aftermath.“ This song we felt best boiled down the album in music and message. big chorus, nice groove, big riffs and nice breakdown with a audio qoute from movie „The Network.“ It’s not a negative message sp to speak but more of a „if we don’t get mad, wake up to what’s around us, some things that are irreversible will occur“… so „Watching The World Come Undone.“
GETADDICTED: Between which records would your album appear in your CD/LP-Rack?
Neal Mitchell: New albums? I don’t listen to a lot of music thats in the same realm as ours but I guess recent albums would be Ignite’s latest album, The Descendents „Hypercaffium…“ and Quicksand’s new album „Interiors“ for the first time.
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Templeton Pek – Sirens