Iron Chic – You Can't Stay Here (Review & Lyrics)

Singalong-Punkrock war lange nicht mehr so traurig wie auf You Can’t Stay Here von Iron Chic. Die Band verarbeitet auf ihrem neuen Album den Tod des langjährigen Bandmitglieds Rob Mc Allister und haut uns dementsprechend lärmigen Punkrock’n’Roll mit ganz viel flauem Magen und ganz wenig Optimismus um die Ohren. Damit es mit dem Singalong auch live reibungslos funktioniert, findest Du zusätzlich zum Review auch die Lyrics von You Can’t Stay Here.
Der Verlust eines geliebten Menschen ist immer hart, wird aber noch härter, wenn diese Person im gleichen Alter war. Das hört man Iron Chic auf You Can’t Stay Here an. Auf dem neuen Album findet sich in nahezu jedem Song der Tod ihres langjährigen Bandmitglieds Rob McAllister wieder.  Der starb im Januar 2016 plötzlich und unerwartet.
Dass es auf dem selbstproduzierten Album — You Can’t Stay Here wurde im Haus von Gitarrist Phil Douglas aufgenommen — Lyrics hagelt, die nicht allzuviel Spaß versprühen: nicht verwunderlich. Beispiele gefällig? „It ain’t easy to live When you’re dyin'“ (A Headache with Pictures), „Here’s to never coming home“ (Thunderbolts!) Platz für gelegentliche Hoffnung und Optimismus gibt es in den You Can’t Stay Here-Lyrics im Gegensatz zu den Vorgängeralben nicht. Worte wie „death“ und „end“ als wiederkehrende Eckpfeiler.
Die ganze Trauer bekämpfen Iron Chic auf You Can’t Stay Here mit Riffs. Denn musikalisch setzt die Band auf gewohntes. Ausgeklügelte Arrangements oder virtuose Instrumentenkünste braucht man nicht, wenn die Songs ihre Energie aus den charakteristischen Wechseln von angezerrt über mehr verzerrt zu total verzerrt beziehen. Ein paar mal Drei- bis Vier-Akkorde-Punkrock Strophen und Refrain im Wechsel, hier und da ausnahmsweise noch ne Bridge. Und fertig! Musikalische Ausnahme auf You Can’t Stay Here: das tieftraurige, angefolkte Ruinous Calamity als vorletzter Track. Auch wenn sich die Songs auch You Can’t Stay Here (bzw bei IC generell) sehr ähneln, gibt es mit dem Dreierpack „Planes, Chest Pains, and Automobiles“, „Golgotha“ und „Profane Geometry“ (Tracks 6-8) so etwas wie einen stärksten Moment auf dem Album.
Derbe Schuld daran, dass Iron Chic trotz beschränkter musikalischer Mittel herausstechen : Phil Douglas. Der Gitarrist, der auch bei der Long Island-Legende Latterman und Tender Defender die musikalischen Strippen zieht, versteht es blendend, sowohl am Instrument und an den Reglern einem Bandsound allein mit Tritten auf den Verzerrer Dynamik zu verleihen.
Vor dem Release am 12. Oktober haben Iron Chic jetzt nach My Best Friend Is A Nihilist als zweiten Song den Album-Opener A Headache With Picture veröffentlicht.

Iron Chic – You Can’t Stay Here (Tracklist)

01 A Headache With
02 My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)
03 You Can’t Stay Safe
04 Let’s. Get. Dangerous.
05 Thunderbolts!
06 Planes, Chest Pains, and Automobiles
07 Golgotha
08 Profane Geometry
09 Invisible Ink
10 Ruinous Calamity
11 To Shreds, You Say?
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Iron Chic – You Can’t Stay Here – Lyrics

Wer als echtes/r Fangirlboy beim nächsten Konzert auch beim You Can’t Stay Here-Material textsicher sein und mehr als die Whoaaas singen will, kann jetzt weiterscrollen und sich die Lyrics zu allen Songs geben…

A Headache With Pictures

Got my feet on the street
And my head in the clouds
It ain’t easy to sleep
When you’re spinning around
I got an ocean of grief
Just pouring down on me
It comes without warning
I hope that I can keep it…
…Down on my luck
And there’s none around
Yeah it’s stupid as fuck
And I know how it sounds
Must’ve been a relief
Getting rid of me
Must feel so much lighter
Now that you’ve been unbound

Now I know
What emptiness is
So I’ll go it alone
Too fucking tired to bother
To dial the phone
I’m still mourning
The life that I left behind

You wanna settle the score
Well I’m tryin‘
Who’s selling self control
Cuz I’m buyin‘
Now I know
Now I know it all
Now I know
It ain’t easy to live
When you’re dyin‘

My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)

It’s hard to be a human being
How can we?
When we’re not quite sure
What being human means
Should I let it die?
Or push those thoughts aside?
They never mattered anyway

It’s like driving a runaway hearse
And I cant stop
I just I make things worse
Come on
And take the wheel from me
And put me outta my misery
You were crying
When I sang the words
I won’t see you in hell
If I get there first
I’m tearing at the seams
But If anyone can dream
Then I can

Are we alive?
When the fear subsides
Does it even matter anyway?

It’s been a long ride
Feels like such a long time
May as well just shut my eyes
I’ve been asleep for half my life
But I’m awake now
I make mistakes and I make em loud
Make em big so they shake the ground
And now I’m making up for it

You Can’t Stay Safe

You can forgive your enemies
Be strong for the ones you love
Have grace and humility
It’s just easier to give up
You can’t stay safe
And you can’t stay here
You can start losing everything
Be scared of what’s to come
Say a prayer with a melody
Just breathing is hard enough
You can’t stay safe
And you can’t stay here
You can’t fake a memory
Be careful with what you love
Have faith in humanity
It’s easier said than done
You can’t stay safe
You can’t stay here

Let’s. Get. Dangerous.

You were a wide eyed kid
With failure
Drilled into your head
And what’s fucked up is
You went and got used to it
You got blindsided
Caught in a loop
That never ends
It’s like a wound
That never mends
You went and made peace with it

There’s a story told
As old as time itself
We both know life is temporary
It’s the pain you feel
The zeal when steel
Meets flesh
History writes the rest
And that’s oh so dangerous

You know how it is
Know how you’ll die
But never when
When you’re the type
That never bends
You just gotta break to bits

Worth its weight in gold
Your soul just sold itself
We both know life is kinda scary
And the fear it wields
That pierces through your chest
You know it never left
And that’s oh so dangerous


We’re In the shadows throwing rocks
That land upon a window pane
Somewhere close a window breaks
And broken glass lets in the rain
We run and hide
While we bide our time
We whisper in the dark
Give us one more try

Imagine our surprise
When the darkness answered back
While we bide our time
We whisper in the dark
Give us one more try

Imagine our surprise
When the darkness answered back

We’re not finished here
Don’t walk into that light
Cant let them hear
Hear us screaming for our lives
We don’t play fair
No we don’t play at all
We walk the edge
And never fall

We broke our bones
We sank like stones
Drank our toast
Here’s to never coming home

Planes, Chest Pains, And Automobiles

Here on earth
Where we serve our terms
And it hurts like hell
But we do it well
I know that I’ve been thinking
Some awful things about this place
I can’t live without it
Though I can’t change
How I feel about it

I know that you know
There might be something off
But you can’t put your finger on it
And it feels so cold but I
I’m sweating bullets
You know that I know
There’s really something wrong
When your heart stops beating
it’s been so long and I
I just keep on forgetting

We’re Here on earth
And we make it work
It burns like hell
But we’ll never tell
You think that I’ve been sinking
Into a dark and distant place
And I don’t doubt it
I just can’t seem to do a thing about it

I know that you know
If there really was a god
He could put a fucking end to this
But that’s a ghost story that I
I just can’t believe in
You know that I know
There’s really something wrong
When your heart stops beating
But it’s been so long and I
I just keep on forgetting


You can’t hold much
When you break everything you touch
Even time’s fine sands
seem to blister and pop as they
Turn to glass In your hands
But you hang on tight
You’re holding on for your life
Just hoping you’ll get it right
Just hold on for one more night
It’s a new day
When It Breaks it breaks all the way
Little pieces all across the state
Really shows the years on your face
Close your eyes
trust in every step you take
As we clear a path to your grave
It’s calling out to you

Then we’re met with silence
Like a bomb
It’s a calm kind of violence
And I have my doubts
That we’ll make it out of life alive
So it rots inside us
So cool
But cruel and mindless
Just speak out loud
And bring yourself back to life

But You can’t say much
When you speak
The words turn to dust
Just hoping that you can trust
I’m holding on to you

Profane Geometry

Planning a vacation
In unmapped constellations
I’ve seen them in a dream
A thousand permutations
Adjust my calculations
But never what I mean
And nothing’s what it seems

When the walls start bleeding
That’s a curse worth repeating
My palms get sweaty
Yeah I’m fucked up already
The whole world’s drowning in my fist
A long way from innocent
It makes sense
When you look at it that way

It’s a one man operation
A no-win situation
A panoramic scene
Complex computations
And the strictest regulations
Couldn’t change the things I’ve seen
they might tell me what it means

When the walls start bleeding
That’s a curse worth repeating
My heart feels heavy
But it’s still pounding steady
The whole world’s getting beat to shit
No such thing as innocence
Things end and we’re heading for that day

My palms get sweaty
My heart feels heavy
Long way from innocent
No such thing as innocence

Invisible Ink

I think I know what’s real
Sometimes I have my doubts
If I were sure well then
What would I dream about
There’s a poetry
In the lies that spill from our mouths
But the truth that we hold inside
Is gonna start slipping out

We heard that life
Had something in store
But it’s coming up short
And we’re begging for more
Death’s sweet kiss
Was a bullet that missed us
We’re not giving up
Just thinking wishful
Spend the night
Face down on the floor
Just gasping for air
Until we can’t anymore
But Death’s sweet bliss
Is just a whisper
Just a whisper

I might just disappear
I’m so close to freaking out
Theres a hole in me
And I’m just finding out

Ruinous Calamity

Alone with the thoughts in my head
They’re buzzing like flies again
Swarming this corpse of a man
That’s all I am
And all that I’ve ever been
The how and the why and the when
It’s all I know
And knowing’s a curse in itself

Yeah I just don’t know what to do
I can lie to myself
But I can’t lie to you
When all our dreams are dead
I’ll start living again
I’ll start telling the truth

I’d like be sleeping instead
But this floor isn’t soft like a bed
It’s all I know
And knowing’s a means to an end

As hard as I try to pretend
This is all I am
And all that I will be again

To Shreds You Say?

It’s been a long hard year
Started fine but it ends in tears
One down
We’re that much deader
This one ain’t shaping up much better
It ain’t done with me
It ain’t done with me
Setting sail for some nasty weather
Same old shit just a little bit wetter
And it ends right here
Burst into flames when the sun appears
Cause you’re done with we
Yeah you’re done with me

I was wrong when I thought you might
Somehow always be in my life
You’d hold on to me
And never let go
Now Home feels like a prison cell
It’s my own special kind of hell
I’ve got the key
But nowhere to go

Now one thing is clear
I’m face to face with my greatest fear
I’m a stone
Baby you’re a feather
Just leave me in the ground forever
And don’t mind me
Yeah don’t mind me

I was wrong and you were right
You gave me the best years of my life
I’ll hold on to these
Hold on to these
Hold on to these
And never let go

I was playing with matches
Now I sift through the ashes
It’s cold now
The fire’s out
I might never be warm again
And the rain comes to wash it down
worse to burn than it is to drown
Let the cool water
Fill my lungs
And I won’t have to breathe again

Like a ship on the ocean floor
That couldn’t quite make the shore
the storm that brought me down
Still thunders above my head
I think back to where I was
Safe and dry on the land above
I could’ve stayed there forever
but all things come to an end