Interview mit Jesse Moore (East Cameron Folkcore)

Jesse Moore East Cameron Folkcore Interview

Jesse Moore von East Cameron Folkcore nennt die Amtszeit von Obama ein Musterbeispiel für den Taumel in die Politikverdrossenheit, lässt an einem möglichen Nachfolger aber ebenso kein gutes Haar.

Obama’s a failure & Ted Cruz a fucking moron

Jesse Moore von East Cameron Folkcore nennt in unserem Interview die Amtszeit von Obama ein Musterbeispiel für den Taumel in die Politikverdrossenheit, lässt an seinem möglichen Nachfolger Ted Cruz aber ebenso kein gutes Haar. Geht es bald noch mehr Amerikanern so wie den Protagonisten im zweiten Teil der East Cameron Folkcore Video-Trilogie zu Kingdom Of Fear?
Jesses mächtige Worte haben unverfälscht die größte Wirkung, deshalb knicken wir uns die Übersetzung. Hier sind unsere Fragen und seine Antworten in der Originalfassung.

One less paycheck away from living in the streets

Jesse Moore East Cameron Folkcore InterviewGETADDICTED: The video to „The Joke“ deals with the vicious circle of unemployment, being a single parent, homelessness and criminality and in the end growing up without parents. In how far has East Cameron Folkcore experienced such tragedies first hand?
Jesse Moore: I think most of us have experienced these issues personally in one way or another. Unless you grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth or unless you choose to live with your head under a rock you’re forced to experience these issues growing up in the society/world that we inhabit. When you live paycheck to paycheck you’re always just one less paycheck away from living in the streets and wandering the apathetic alleys like a walking, mumbling ghost. I was homeless for a while when I first moved to Austin, living out of our van for a couple months and it becomes extremely hard to find work when the only place you can clean up in the morning is a Wendy’s bathroom.

Obama alienated an entire generation of potential voters

Obama’s legislation period is coming to an end. Was he able to achieve something in your next-door-society? (How) has East Cameron Folkcore’s hometown Austin/Texas changed under Obama?
Jesse Moore East Cameron Folkcore InterviewJesse: We are definitely not trying to propose any “next-door-society”. That sounds like some cult shit. We’re only musicians who look at the world we live with a critical eye and with the blinders off.
Obama’s presidency should go down as the biggest systemic failure of alienating an entire generation of potential voters. Hope and change reverted back to brother can you spare a dime? In 2008 Obama chose to except corporate money for his election and from that day he chose what side he was on.
The biggest changes that I’ve seen happen in Austin all comes from social and economic inequality. I’ve seen the rich continue to get richer while the poor just continue to get beat into the ground and blamed for all of societies ills. I’ve seen minorities flocking out of Austin at the highest rates in the country due to the gentrification over taking the East side, where originally minorities we’re forced by law to live.
We’ve seen whistleblowers convicted for speaking out against human and financial catastrophes, we’ve seen thousands of innocent lives murdered by drones from rows of containers in Nevada. We’ve seen a makeshift health care law help millions just to stuff billions into the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and insurance stockholders. We’ve watched our water resources diminish while fracking wells contaminate ground water in extreme times of drought and instead of letting the global manufacturer of SUV’s and gas guzzlers go under, the GOV’t decides to save the company and let the city where it resides go bankrupt instead.
We’ve seen the climate continue to get worse as green energy or any alternative energy continues to get trounced out by big oil. We’ve seen our world become more volatile and we’ve seen stupidity take over multiple branches of our GOV’t. We’ve seen no person or corporation or not nearly enough held accountable for the 2008 collapse and we’ve seen no person or people held accountable for a decade of wars built on lies and the entire destabilization of the middle east. All while bankers and wall street thieves have just continued with the unregulated theft of all the worlds wealth and the lobbying and purchasing of our nation’s laws and lawmakers.

East Cameron Folkcore – Kingdom Of Fear

East Cameron Folkcore Kingdom Of Fear Review

Ihr solltet definitiv mit dem Gedanken spielen, Euch Kingdom Of Fear (Grand Hotel van Cleef) anzuschaffen. Wie wir das Album finden?[nbsp]

Zum Kingdom Of Fear-Review


Ted Cruz is a fucking moron

GETADDUCTED: With Ted Cruz a Republican from Texas is running for President. Did he achieve something positive as Senator of the state you are from? Where did he screw up big time?
Jesse: I’m not really sure how to answer that other than to begin with the fact that Ted Cruz is a fucking moron. He is in charge of the Science Committee and NASA and he doesn’t believe in climate change as if that is a belief system that you have the choice to believe in or not. He is a bigot and a homophobic dictator that would gladly watch someone starve to death at his feet then offer any other assistance then a boot strap for them to pick themselves up with. He is all that is wrong with the far right conservative tea bag puppets of the Koch brothers and the rest of the Oligarchy and to top it all off he wasn’t even born in the US but somehow he is too stupid to realize that riding up high on Reagan’s unicorn.
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