Interview mit Zoax-Sänger Adam Carroll

Zoax-Sänger Adam Carroll gibt uns im Interview einen Einblick in die Band, die bald ihr selbstbetiteltes Debüt rausbringt. Kann man 2016 noch Vollzeit Musiker sein? Und welchen Einfluss hat Mike Patton auf den Bühnenderwisch Adam Carroll? Außerdem gibt’s hier auch mit „Roses All The Way“ den neuesten ZOAX-Song.

Uns sind seit ein paar Jahren nicht viele (einigermaßen unbekannte) Vorbands untergekommen, die so einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen haben wie ZOAX bei der Eröffnung der Abschiedsabende von Funeral For A Friend. FFAF selbst als auch die mit an Bord gegangenen Veteranen Shai Hulud standen jeden Abend am Rand der Bühne und feierten die UK-Gang für ihr ziemlich feistes Brett und eine mitreißende Live-Performance, an der Sänger Adam Carroll mit seiner extrovertierten (arg untertrieben!) Art einige Mitschuld trägt.
Jetzt bringen Zoax in Kürze ihr selftitled Debütalbum heraus. Wir sprachen im Vorfeld mit Adam Carroll über die Erfahrungen der Tour, die FAQs zu Zoax, ob ihm Mike Patton-Gene implantiert wurden und ob man heutzutage noch alles auf eine Karte setzen kann und eine full time Band wird. Unten gibt’s mit „Roses All The Way“ außerdem den neuesten Zoax-Song.

ADAM CARROLL – Mike Patton meets WWE-Wrestler

Adam, last weekend you finished the German run of concerts as support for Funeral For A Friend on their farewell tour. How did you experience the Zoax shows? And how did you perceive FFAF off stage? Was it more of a sad or relieved atmosphere so far?
Adam: The shows were amazing, we got to play to play to far bigger crowds than we ever have before in Europe, to do this with a band we grew up listening to and take influence from is a massive massive honour. The atmosphere has been overwhelmingly positive.
Bring us up to speed on Zoax: you guys have two EPs which at the moment seem hard to get a hold of somehow (Rerelease?). Your band bio says Zoax are London-based, you’re Irish: HowWhereWhyWhen did you guys meet and became the band that you’re right now?
Adam: The EP’s are available through all digital retaillers, and the album will be too, but with added physical delights!! We all met in Hearty’s in Cloyne, and had a night on the Cans, hungover we wrote our first song in 5/4 and never looked back.
You’re about to release your debut album. Over what period of time were the songs written? Tell us a little bit about the recording process. Compared to the couple of older songs that one can find online: has your sound changed for your debut?
Adam: We’ve been writing the songs for this album since we started, we recorded in Cloyne with a friend of mine and the sound has definitely evolved as have us all as musicians.
You’re interpreting your role as singer in an outoing manner to put it mildly. Did you have to learn to “act” or have you always had this performing thing in you?
Adam: Acting is a part of my family, I own three Oscars, but mostly my stage persona comes from my time in WWE Tough Enough.
How big of a Faith No More fan are you? Several people in the crowd independently said you reminded them of Mike Patton on stage.
Adam: Very influenced by MP and FNM!! I love them.
Are Zoax a full time band? Or are there any ridiculous sidejobs? What are Zoax’s plans for the rest of 2016 after the album release? Are there plans to return to mainland Europe already?
Adam:  We’re not, do you know what the state of the music industry is in 2016? Nope, none of us have ridiculous jobs, we’ve all got full time jobs to fund this. We’ll be back to Europe ASAP. WE LOVE GERMANY.

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